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Baccalaureate Ceremony: What makes them so special?

baccalaureate ceremony

The baccalaureate ceremony is one of the cherished moments of people’s academic years as it isn’t just the culmination of academic years, but it serves as a rite of passage; a transition from junior to senior years of university. This celebratory event honors and commemorates the achievements of the high-achievers, marking not only their academic success but also their growth, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

How Can You Be Part of the Baccalaureate Service as an Average Achiever?

 For highly acclaimed and bright students, it serves as one of the most treasuring moments and they make sure to make the most of it. It serves as a “carpe diem” for them. They try to ensure to make themselves transparent; to be informed of every personnel of the university, of every ongoing preparations of baccalaureate service, etc. As opposed to all of this, average achievers often feel undermined by all of this and feel alienated. Leaves them scratching their head, whether they should be part of this ceremony or not. Well here’s the catch, no need to let this thought bother you here are some of the tactics you can use to make this a memorable event for you and your friends;

Be a part of organizing the baccalaureate service

Be a Part of Organizing the Baccalaureate Service

If delivering a valedictorian speech is not in the cards for you, there are numerous other impactful ways you can actively participate in organizing the baccalaureate service. Consider taking on roles such as hosting to present a monologue, introducing honorees on stage, or engaging in discussions with university faculty and staff regarding the theme and its decoration. Your involvement in the organizational aspects ensures a meaningful and well-executed baccalaureate service for both yourself and your peers.

Become Part of Managerial Matters

If not someone who is to seize the day with its accolades or with his or her speech, then you can consider yourself handy in the matters of becoming part of the logistics area of the baccalaureate ceremony, by assuring the guest list, monitoring the compliance of the health protocols of the university and being part of managing the refreshments for students.

Crafting keepsakes or mementos

While the high achievers will be awarded particular award medals and graduation medals, there are some memorable souvenirs to make this moment even more savoring by coming up with custom medals for each student, as a homage for everyone’s contribution to the university or the educationists of the university, as a token of gratitude their contribution and services to the university.

Capturing the moment

You may not be one to have a spotlight due to having received award medals or graduation medals due to your desirable performance in the academics of the university or someone been spoken highly of by the universities’ deans, but you can still take the opportunity of relishing the moment of baccalaureate service by taking photos or video graphing the event, cheering your friends who have been honored with award medals, have been praised for their speech.

Moreover, capturing all these events might come as a perk, you get to be approached by the university for video graphing the event, highlighting the significance of the institution, their custom medals, and the graduation medals awarded to students. In addition to all the above, despite not being in the spotlight, will earn you a special place in the hearts of your friends and peers. It adds a wholesome touch to your university experience, making it memorable for everyone involved.


Academic ceremonies play an integral part in one’s life, it is like flicking life through one chapter to another. Among the ceremonies are the baccalaureate services, which are commemorated as a gesture to acclaim the achievements of the high achievers, and their contribution towards the university council. Furthermore, this event is also among the prestigious event, to highlight their years of existence and contribution. For high-achievers, this ceremony upholds immense importance and they by hook or crook, try to make it a momentous occasion for themselves. This comes as a bit of an ordeal to those who have not been acclaimed or won’t be receiving any tokens of appreciation such as award medals or graduation medals. However, there are plenty of other ways to be part of this celebratory event, like being part of logistics and supervising the refreshments and protocols. Furthermore, you can induce some ideas from rehearsals to the execution of the event.

Additionally, you can also craft some keepsakes or mementos such as custom medals for friends, as a token of appreciation and honoring their friendship with yours. Also, you can gift custom medals to the members of your university’s faculty, acknowledging and honoring their services to the students and the university. Above all, being one to capture candid moments and significant moments such as showcasing their custom medals, can too make your presence a valuable addition to the event.