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Neck Ribbons

Neck Ribbons

Neck ribbons aren’t just lanyards; they’re statements of your achievements or expressions of your identity, adding an elegant touch to your person.Our ribbon embellishments serve as the perfect adornments, adding flair to souvenirs or tokens of appreciation, hanging gracefully around your neck. Whether it’s for competitions, pageants, or simply as identity badges, our neck lanyards are crafted to complement any occasion.Explore our handpicked collection of dazzling neck trims and request a quote to get your hands on the binding that is truly spellbinding.

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Custom Neck Ribbons – Embroidering to Your Vision

Our artisan ship expands the horizons of mere aesthetics – from various bindings to custom attaching materials. We are adept at creating neckwear suited for every occasion, whether it is crafting custom neck ribbons for medals or trims for identity badges; we excel in all aspects. Whether satin or velvety lanyards, each carries the attachments with finesse, depicting grandeur and lushness. In our customization offers:Wide ranges in width and lengths to interact with attachments and various alluring designs

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How To Buy Neck Ribbons

  • Our delivery process: We have seamless delivery process for the neck ribbons, which involves the following steps:Submit your quote: Browse through our curated gallery of ribbon frills and fill out your preferences in the quote form.
  • Crafting phase: Once we have received your quote, we promptly send you an email about proceeding with the designing phase.
  • Ideation Approval phase: In this phase, we keep you updated by sending you custom art proofs of your potential frills and ribbon badges. You are encouraged to make revisions until the final concept.
  • Final Stage: After the approval of the concept, we begin with the designing and crafting of the medal lanyards or any other lanyard.

Why Buy Our Neck Ribbons

Our neck adornments and emblem ribbons stand as the avant-garde of laurels and ornaments. They effortlessly blend with every occasion and sentiment, making them versatile ribbons indeed. What’s more, they’re available at pocket-friendly prices. Discover our captivating gallery and get ready to buy neck ribbons that grip you like a lanyard.

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Rabbi Ari Abramowitz
Executive Director Nevut
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I just wanted to say the Medals look amazing. I am really excited to give them at the finish line! Amazing Customer Service!! Thanks so much
Mike S.
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I am thoroughly impressed with the service and craftsmanship of Custom Medals. The medals for our charity run were a hit!
Brenda Gruninger
US Recognition
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I did receive this shipment this week. Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries.
Jane D.
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I ordered custom medals for our school's science fair. The quality was exceptional, and the design was exactly as I wanted. Our students loved them!
Mark R.
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Hi Britt, The coins were delivered today. You were right, they turned out awesome! Thank you!!
Sonya Ryder
BRFEI Admin Asst
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Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries. I did receive this shipment last week. The pins are just what we wanted. You did an excellent job!


Neck ribbons are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, including nylon, polyester, satin, and cotton.

Absolutely! We offer an array of customization options catering to your requirements.  Simply specify your preferences in the quote form and we will deliver ribbons, that align with your vision.

Neck ribbons made from polyester and nylon are generally durable. However, prolonged harsh weather and environmental conditions may subsequently affect their durability.

Our normal production timeframe is 3 weeks. However, we can expedite the process as per your desired timeframe.

Our user-friendly quote form offers a wide range of selections for order quantities to meet your preferences.