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Sports Medals

Celebrate Sporting Achievements with Our Sports Medals

Recognize athletic excellence and competitive spirit with our collection of high-quality Medals. Designed to honor the dedication, skill, and hard work that goes into every game, these medals are a fitting tribute to every athlete’s effort.

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Superior Quality Sports Medals

Our Sports Medals are crafted from premium metals, ensuring durability and a polished finish that radiates prestige. Each medal is meticulously designed with intricate detailing, reflecting the passion and grit of the sports world.

Customizable for Every Sport

We cater to various sports – soccer, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics. Whether for a local community event or a national championship, our collection can be customized to represent any sport and any achievement perfectly.

Sports Medals
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How to Make Custom Sport Medals

  1. Choose Design: Select a pre-existing design from our sports medals manufacturer or upload a custom design with your preferred imagery and text.
  2. Select Material: Choose the type of metal for your medal – typically gold, silver, or bronze.
  3. Personalize: Add personal touches such as engraving the recipient’s name, event details, or specific achievements.
  4. Order and Delivery: Finalize your design, place your order for Sports Medals, and wait for the medals to be delivered to your specified location.

Personalized Engraving - Custom Sports Medals

Add a personal touch to Get Sports Medals with our engraving service. You can engrave the recipient’s name, event, or achievement on the medal. This personalization turns the medal into a keepsake that winners can treasure forever.

A Lasting Tribute

Custom Sports Medals are more than just awards; they are a lasting tribute to the athletes’ perseverance, teamwork, and sporting spirit. They serve as a tangible reminder of the highs and lows, victories and defeats, sweat and tears that define their journey in the sporting world. Presenting our Sports Medals is a powerful way to acknowledge the achievements of athletes, inspiring them to reach greater heights. Make your next sporting event memorable with our  Medals – a testament to excellence, a symbol of victory, and a keepsake for life.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Rabbi Ari Abramowitz
Executive Director Nevut
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I just wanted to say the Medals look amazing. I am really excited to give them at the finish line! Amazing Customer Service!! Thanks so much
Mike S.
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I am thoroughly impressed with the service and craftsmanship of Custom Medals. The medals for our charity run were a hit!
Brenda Gruninger
US Recognition
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I did receive this shipment this week. Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries.
Jane D.
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I ordered custom medals for our school's science fair. The quality was exceptional, and the design was exactly as I wanted. Our students loved them!
Mark R.
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Hi Britt, The coins were delivered today. You were right, they turned out awesome! Thank you!!
Sonya Ryder
BRFEI Admin Asst
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Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries. I did receive this shipment last week. The pins are just what we wanted. You did an excellent job!


 Manufacturing sports medals is ethical, from shaping a mold via die striking and die casting methods to finishing the edges.

You can display these medals creatively, such as hanging them on medal hangers, picture frames, or shadow boxes to showcase your achievements and endeavors.

The method of cleaning sports medals involves using soapy water and a bristled toothbrush for thorough cleansing, including the crevices and polishing with silver polish and cloth, in latter

Our standard production timeframe is 3 weeks. However, we can expedite the process according to your desired timeframe.

Our user-friendly quote form offers a wide range of selections for order quantities to meet your preferences.