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Welcome to our service, where efficiency and aesthetics come together: Bottle Opener Coins. Whether for events, gifts, or brand promotion, we leave lasting effects. Our designers use modern technology to turn your ideas into lasting memorials. Just send us your design, and we’ll create a layout at no charge to you! We expertly create each coin as a lasting memory that captures your unique story once you provide authorization. Allow us to help you produce something special.

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Options For Custom Bottle Opener Coins

  • Custom shape best coins
  • Low quantity of pieces
  • Customized or individually numbered Bottle Opener Coins
  • Soft enamel coins,  hard Enamel coins, bottle opener challenge coins & 3D Custom coins
  • Top-notch quality, produced and delivered on time
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Crafting Bottle Opener Challenge Coin Our Unique Process From Concept to Creation

Find the best Bottle Opener Challenge Coin, expertly created by our skilled Tulsa, Oklahoma Custom Medals Team. With adjustable edges, shapes, laser engraving, and more, you can express your creativity! Our process is a special combination of modern technology and traditional expertise. Everything starts with your concept, which our designers use modern tools to turn into unmatched creations. After that, our talented workers use top-notch materials and advanced machinery to bring your personalized bottle opener coin idea to life. What was the result? a custom coin that leaves a lasting impression on each customer and serves as more than just a symbol. Come experience the delight of customization with us!

Your Gift-Giving With Unique Bottle Opener Coins

Customized Bottle Opener Coins provide an attractive set of unique memories. Made from premium materials, every coin is a unique example of creativity and innovation. These are perfect for remembering important occasions or showing respect to loved ones because they’re not only useful but also make lasting memories. With infinite design possibilities, every piece may be customized to perfectly capture your unique vision, turning a common tool into a unique memory. Discover the charm of these stylish but strong coins and bring back cherished recollections.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Rabbi Ari Abramowitz
Executive Director Nevut
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I just wanted to say the Medals look amazing. I am really excited to give them at the finish line! Amazing Customer Service!! Thanks so much
Mike S.
Read More
I am thoroughly impressed with the service and craftsmanship of Custom Medals. The medals for our charity run were a hit!
Brenda Gruninger
US Recognition
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I did receive this shipment this week. Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries.
Jane D.
Read More
I ordered custom medals for our school's science fair. The quality was exceptional, and the design was exactly as I wanted. Our students loved them!
Mark R.
Read More
Hi Britt, The coins were delivered today. You were right, they turned out awesome! Thank you!!
Sonya Ryder
BRFEI Admin Asst
Read More
Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries. I did receive this shipment last week. The pins are just what we wanted. You did an excellent job!


Bottle Opener coins are made from standard, durable base materials like stainless steel, brass and nickel silver.

Place the bottle opener coin under the edge of the cap. Apply pressure to the coin, then pry the cap upwards with a quick, firm motion.

Yes, you are allowed to specify your preferences in the quote form. We offer an array of customization options to cater to your requirements.

Our normal production timeframe is 3 weeks. However, we can expedite the process as per your desired timeframe.

Our user-friendly quote form offers a wide range of selections for order quantities to meet your preferences.