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Name Plates

Name Plates

Whether it’s for locations or designations, we ensure to create captivating and prominent nameplates. Our nameplates are designed to complement your belongings and furnishings. Whether made of acrylic or nickel silver, they exude magnificence, distinctiveness, and clarity across all variants. Browse through our gallery of impactful engravings to discover the perfect plaque that resonates with you, and request a quote now!

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Creating impressions in various styles – Our offerings in name plates

Our custom name plates are a blend of elegance and testament. In terms of customization, we expand the horizons of creativity and functionality. We provide a multitude of encapsulations including; metal name plates, cubicle plates and engraved name plates. Our designers’ flair of adding a pinch of sleekness and style doesn’t lag behind in manufacturing these plaques – they ensure to make them intriguing and paramount of the surroundings and vehicles. We offer:


  • Multitude of typographies and exciting designs.
  • Scrupulous procedure, covering all the bases, including polishing of the edges.

Name Plates
Custom Name Plates

How Can You Order Our Custom Name Plates?

Building rapport with our clients is our top-priority. Hence, ordering our customized name plates is a streamlined process. Our meticulous process involves:


  • Receiving your quote:  Fill in your requirements in our intuitive quote form, enabling you to choose your preferred designs and dimensions.
  • Proceeding with the designing process: As soon as we receive your quote, we prompt you with an email, informing you about commencing with the designing process.
  • Designing phase: During our phase, we encourage clients to ask for revisions in the custom-art proof of the potential nameplate designs, until the final design.
  • The final stage: After the finalization of the custom-art proof, we proceed with the manufacturing process and the polishing process of removing blemishes and softening the edges.
  • Shipping process:   After having fulfilled all the requirements, we proceed with the delivery process and prompt you with the orders’ details via email, at the same time. We dispatch our items via UPS Air’s cargo facility. Our expected timeframe of the delivery is within 2 weeks.

Why Choose Us?

We design name inscriptions to highlight the identities and statures in a captivating way. From sheen to choosing the right typographies, we ensure to cover all of the touchstones, to deliver a masterpiece. Moreover, our customized name plates are available at pocket-friendly prices, in all designs and dimensions. Additionally, in case of any defected or undesirable plates, we encourage return and exchanges. Our plates are the ultimate mountings to showcase your status and in a discerning way. Navigate through our alluring collection of plates and send in your quote of the one you desire.

name plates
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Rabbi Ari Abramowitz
Executive Director Nevut
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I just wanted to say the Medals look amazing. I am really excited to give them at the finish line! Amazing Customer Service!! Thanks so much
Mike S.
Read More
I am thoroughly impressed with the service and craftsmanship of Custom Medals. The medals for our charity run were a hit!
Brenda Gruninger
US Recognition
Read More
I did receive this shipment this week. Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries.
Jane D.
Read More
I ordered custom medals for our school's science fair. The quality was exceptional, and the design was exactly as I wanted. Our students loved them!
Mark R.
Read More
Hi Britt, The coins were delivered today. You were right, they turned out awesome! Thank you!!
Sonya Ryder
BRFEI Admin Asst
Read More
Thanks so much for all of the help and patience with my inquiries. I did receive this shipment last week. The pins are just what we wanted. You did an excellent job!


 Our name plates are made of the standard materials; Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Vinyl.

 We offer a multitude of customization options, allowing you to choose etchings, shapes and cut-outs, as per your preferences. You are allowed to add your preferences in the instruction section of the quote form.

Yes, they are all durable products; resistant to conditions like, corrosion, abrasion, moist, heat and humid conditions.

Our standard duration is 3 weeks. However, we can adjust to your desired timeframe.

 Usually the substrate materials, like polyester and vinyl or the epoxy coating over the plates ensure to protect from corrosion or abrasion.

Yes, these materials can be reused and recycled due to their durability. If you have a surplus of name plates, no longer in use, you can repurpose them

Our user-friendly quote form offers a wide range of options. It gives out the prices as per the quantities you choose.

Our user-friendly quote form offers a wide range of options. It gives out the prices as per the quantities you choose.

Our intuitive quote form offers a wide range of selections, enabling you to choose your desired quantities.