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Top 5 styles to wear a lapel pin at formal occasions

style to wear lapel pins

Lapel pins have always been known to embody sophistication, suaveness, and elegance at formal occasions. However, the noteworthy style of this ornamental pin has been boutonnieres, pinned right onto the buttonhole. Little do people know about the various other intriguing styles in which these lapel pins can be worn. Here are the top 5 trendy ways of wearing custom lapel pins.

Styles To Wear A Lapel Pin

Over the years, the lapel pin has been a go-to accessory for formal occasions. The most prominent style is the boutonniere lapel pin, known for its elegance and allure, epitomizing poise and tranquility. However, many are unaware of the various other graceful lapel pin styling techniques.


Long Stem Pins Style

Usually, boutonnieres are preferred to be worn by men, especially at weddings, to align with serene themes. However, many are unfamiliar with the fact that a floral steel pin, bearing similarity to boutonnieres and other fancy brooches, is also worth donning at occasions like weddings and galas. Traditional boutonnieres may appear whimsical and overly embellished, hence wearing steel pins with elegant styles like bow ties and florals would be a perfect blend of grace and charm. 

To make it more compelling, position the pin right on the hem of the buttonhole and wear clothes that align with the color scheme of the steel pins. For instance, silver steel pins look more ravishing when paired with neutral-colored clothing. Moreover, another chic style you can adopt is to pin the steel pin next to the collar. These steel pins are among the most sought-after collections of lapel pins for men.


Lapel Chain Style

Another style that draws similarities to armors or crests. Many people consider the style to be limited to commemorative tokens. However, this style is also available in personalized pins, allowing you to carve insignias or symbolic miniature art of your preferences. These lapel chains act as the ultimate accessory for the buttonhole, with the chain extending from one point to the minted jewel or customized engravings, giving a majestic look and serving as the ultimate accessory for the formal outfit. These are also among the trending styles in lapel pins for men’s collections.


Double Lapel Pin Style

This is among the underrated pin styles and is often perceived as whimsical, but this style is also worth considering. The key to adopting this style is wearing double pins that complement the theme of the outfit as well as the occasion you are attending. It may take some time to wrap your head around, but it’s true; wearing pins that define the themes of the occasion as well as your persona, creating a blend while differing in design and colors. This style is indeed meant to amplify your outfit. This technique isn’t just limited to weddings but also extends to galas, exhibiting more than two symbolic themes and paying homage to the organization.

double lapel pin style

Brooch Style

One of the patterns in custom lapel pins has all the shimmer and elegance needed for formal events. Primarily, these brooches were commonly used for necklaces or scarves, but over time, they became men’s lapel pins for formal occasions. This lapel pin custom design might seem a bit ornate for many, but it works well as an accessory for men too. You can customize the placement of your jewels along with encapsulations. Such pins can serve as decorative tokens, imbuing the essence while making a statement about yourself.


Soft Enamel Pin Style

Soft enamel pins are textured, emit a glossy surface, and are easy to have designs incorporated into. People deemed these decorative pins to use as commemorative tokens, or to attach as accessories to hats and jackets but very few are familiar that its customization can also be molded into elegance and allure, in order to become a staple for weddings, galas, meetings, etc. Adorning an enamel pin isn’t just limited to clasping against the buttonhole or collars, in fact, one can also wear it on bowties or pair it with pocket squares.

Lapel pins have been one of the accessories acting as wardrobe staples and jewelry pins, complimenting outfits and the themes of events. Moreover, over the years, their major use has been as commemorative tokens, with respective insignias carved or representing recipients. However, they have also become ornaments for men for extravagant or formal occasions. While prominent custom lapel pin designs have been boutonnieres, there are various other trendy, sleek, and nifty ways to accentuate your formal and official couture. We have selected the top 5 stylish methods to clasp these adornments.

Lapel pins are not merely decorative additions to your belongings but also serve as accessories for your ensemble, particularly for formal occasions. They are considered alluring embellishments that exhibit poise and splendor, acting as tactile ornaments that harmonize with wedding themes. However, these formal lapel pins extend beyond weddings to include other formal events like meetings and galas. Therefore, there are various ways and etiquettes for wearing these personalized pins. We have curated the top 5 enthralling styles for you. 

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What is a Lapel Pin?

Lapel Pins are small pins that act as accessories to any outfit or your belongings. They are considered among the pins that reflect sophistication and poise.


How to wear a lapel pin?

There are various styles to wear lapel pins, one of the common is to place lapel pins on the hem of the buttonhole, or the collar. 


How can women wear a lapel pin?

Women can wear it as an accessory to their belongings, hats, or their clothing. Either brooches or personalized pins, reflecting their aura and personality.


How to wear a lapel pin on a polo shirt?

You can wear a lapel pin by positioning it on the left side of your shirt, right above the heart, especially custom lapel pins with insignias embossed.


How to wear a lapel pin on a suit?

Formal Lapel pins can be worn on a suit, by pinning through the buttonhole. Additionally, these pins can be worn with a pocket square or placed on a tie.