Custom Medals and Awards USA


We take “Custom” to another level!

Of course we do Custom Medals, Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Coins, Custom Badges, Custom shapes and sizes, but we take it to another level with some of our projects. Check out this project from 2003.

Motor Trend Award
Motor Trend has been awarding Car of the Year since 1949.  The iconic Motor Trend Award, a 16” Golden Caliper on High Gloss Black and Gold round base, remains one of the most recognizable, hardest to acquire awards in the world. Motor Trend awards 3 categories per year. That’s all.  In 2003, we were contacted by the company that makes the Motor Trend Award to manufacture 8” and 4” replicas for them to distribute. No problem! It appears most of the pictures online of the “Motor Trend Award” are our replicas. They have been featured in many national television ads. Do you remember the guy holding several of them in each hand? 

Yeah, that isn’t possible with the actual award.

Motor Trend Award – It’s big!

It’s likely we produced more replicas in one year than all the actual Motor Trend Awards ever produced. This is evident by the number of pictures online claiming to be the Motor Trend Award.  The actual award is big and comes with its own custom case. Also, the actual Motor Trend Award has the engraved plate recessed. Replicas have the engraved plate sit on the base as we didn’t include a recessed area for the replicas.  Here is the Award we designed the replicas from. The actual Motor Trend Award is 16” tall, the base diameter is 11”, it weighs 8.5 pounds and is Gold Plated!  This award is iconic for a reason!

Actual Motor Trend Award in carrying case.
Actual Award on display next to one our Replicas
Beautiful display of a Motor Trend replica

We put “Custom” in Custom Medals
The point is this, if you have an idea involving metal and design, send it to us. We may just be able to bring your idea to life!  We are much more than Custom Medals, Custom Coins, Challenge Coins, Lapel Pins, Buckles, Medallions and Metal Nameplates… give us a try. We’re always looking for the next cool project.